Log anything, create structured binary logs quickly

using Binlog, a high performance C++ log library


Log Anything

Do not waste time figuring out the correct printf placeholder or writing ostream shift operators. Binlog supports logging common types out of the box, such as containers, smart pointers, pairs and tuples, while allowing simple adaption of custom enumerations and types. Learn more from the Documentation.

Structured Binary Logs

Binlog achieves exceptional log performance by creating binary logs instead of expensive text logs, saving CPU cycles and memory by not doing string conversion on the hot path. The created structured binary log is flexible, convertible to human readable and machine digestible formats. See the Performance Test Results.

Portable Free Software

Binlog can work on any C++14 conforming platform. Binlog is built and tested on Linux, macOS and Windows, using GCC, Clang and MSVC. Binlog is a Apache v2 licensed free, open source software. Get the source on GitHub.